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Why PTS Rolls

    Pittsburgh Tubular shafting can offer savings of up to 50% over conventional roll designs.
    The economic alternative to your present roll design.

      Leaders in Roll Technology

      Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting has achieved a technology leadership position with its hollow drive shaft line (Patent #3659434) and its single-piece forged roll line (Patent Pending #771-265).

      Custom cold and hot forming and forging also give PTS a unique market position. With rotary forging capacity of 12" diameter, PTS has the largest hollow-forming capacity in the USA. For near-net shape concepts in diameters of 0.5 to 12 inches, and lengths up to 40 feet,

      Industrial Rolls - hollow drive shaft line

      Although most production is performed on standard carbon grade steel, PTS has the capability of working alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.


      Most tooling used to generate Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting rolls is generic to permit lowest possible costs. In cases where tooling is non-standard, initial costs are held to actual incurred expenses. Thereafter, tooling is maintained by PTS. Since PTS shafts are fabricated by forging the journals from the tube body, the result is better design integrity and closer-tolerance rolls at lower costs. Standardized crating complements the PTS process. PTS also offers computerized roll selection and design assistance, if desired, at no extra charge. Let PTS check the potential cost reduction for you!

      Industries using PTS's unique,
      one-piece tubular rolls include:

      •  Agricultural
      • Glass
      • Paper and Board
      • Furnace
      • Textile
      • Printing
      • Construction Equipment
      Custom cold and hot forming and forging
      • On-Time Delivery
      • No minimum quantity for fast shipment.
      • Breakdown service on single shaft orders.
      • P.T.S. offers computerized shaft selections.

         Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting offers computerized roll selection and design assistance.


        Let us check the potential cost reduction for you!