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Fan Shafting

  • Eliminate difficult alignment of multiple bearings on solid shafting.
  • Eliminate exposure of bearings to wet air streams that result in subsequent fan shaft failure.
  • Eliminate the high cost of solid shafting and multiple drive and bearing arrangements.
  • Eliminate internal structural support members that hinder correct air flow patterns and are costly to fabricate and install.
  • Eliminate multiple stocking of fans with various bore sizes.
Why Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting

Why Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting?

  • 1st with the quality that the shafting industry demands
    Integral swaged journal design
  • Extra heavy journal on the drive end to assure maximum torsional strength
  • Practical tolerances
    Balanced to perform
  • Compensation for static-kinetic and 
2 plane dynamic unbalance are standard PTS design
  • Insures straight thru-production
  • All balance weights are applied internally
  • No obstructions to slow assembly
  • Exclusive "Rigitized" shaft design
  • The standard PTS shaft is injected with near weightless urethane foam, forming a solid core. This foamed in place urethane dampens the resonant frequency of the Pittsburgh Tubular Shafting's shaft increasing its natural frequency or critical speed up to 20% — a safety factor for your equipment design. Suitable for temperatures to 350°F

Integral swaged journal design
Industrial Fan Shafting - Tubes
  • On-Time Delivery
  • No minimum quantity for fast shipment.
  • Breakdown service on single shaft orders.
  • P.T.S. offers computerized shaft selections.

     Let PTS help show you how to lower cost through standardization.

Ask for form CDS-2
for prompt and accurate evaluations for
1st critical speed,
diameter, wall thickness, required bearing sizes/life specifications,
bending & torisonal data.